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Japanese XMLTV EPG

These are out of date. Don't use these.

Japanese XMLTV EPG

I've found myself needing to get a proper EPG for Japanese TV, with any actual searches I've done for one having come inconclusive. only has a few channels, Muji TV (which I use) doesn't have an XMLTV-compatible guide, and WebGrab+ only lets you grab 20 channels before paying.

After searching around, I found J:COM's TV guide and found that it was a good guide to scrape. These are their listings, but in XMLTV format.

Specifically, this scrapes for:

If there's anyone who wants me to add more regions, please send me an email, or contact me on Discord: samicrusader#4026.

These regenerate either around 6-7 PM Eastern Standard Time or whenever I can bother touching the script to recreate these and they hold 14 days of data. If the guide has not been updated in awhile, please contact me using the information above..



In your .m3u(8) playlist, change the tvg-id variable to one of the IDs in the XML's channel list.

A full list of channel names:channel ID's is located at epgmap.txt (you may have to force UTF-8 charset).